Clinka products are based on small ‘clinker’ balls of lightweight expanded clay (approx. 2mm – 20mm diameter). These balls are either bonded into various lightweight concrete and masonry elements, or used loose as insulating underslab fill or green roof media. They are an excellent environmental choice both thermally and in terms of life-cycle carbon emissions.


ClinkaBLOK is an easy and economical masonry alternative or full system solution. A tested European construction material – blocks made from expanded clay aggregate have been used for more than 50 years in many European countries and are the benchmark standard for environmentally friendly and healthy buildings in Scandinavia.

Exterior shot of a building built with clinkaPANEL
This elegant and energy efficient building in Neerim, Victoria used ClinkaBLOK for many of the external walls.

ClinkaBLOKs are a natural product – pH neutral and composed of expanded plastic clay, cement and water. Much less brittle than other lightweight blocks, clay masonry or concrete blocks; they are easy to cut and work on site and are laid in standard brick bond with Clinka-supplied insulating mortar or alternatively with normal mortar mixed in a ratio of 1:4 (cement:sand).


Download the ClinkaFILL product guide[pdf].

ClinkaFILL is loose and size-graded lightweight expanded clay aggregate that has many uses in:

ClinkaFILL in bulk
A field of ClinkaFILL aggregate deployed in civil construction. Photo: bitjungle

In geotechnical applications lightweight expanded clay aggregates can be the solution to stabilising soft soils, and around ducts, tunnels, train stations, parking areas, etc. Besides lightness, it also provides stability and perfect drainage conditions for the project.


Download the ClinkaPANEL product guide[pdf].

ClinkaPANELS are reinforced precast concrete floor panels using ‘clinka’ lightweight expanded clay aggregate. ClinkaPANEL has the same material properties as ClinkaBLOK products.

ClinkaPANEL combines excellent properties with regard to durability, thermal + sound insulation and fire resistance (REI 90 for all thicknesses), with good carrying capacity and easy and quick installation. ClinkaPANEL is supplied in 600mm wide elements and lengths of up to 8.08 m. Thickness options are 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm.

The core of the ClinkaPANEL is cast porous concrete of Clinka lightweight aggregate of graded sizes 4-10 mm diameter - with an integrated layer of finer mass 2-4 mm Clinka concrete underneath. ClinkaPANEL 250 also has this dense material on the top of panel.

Applications include:

For more information download The Clinka Book[pdf] or contact us.