Why use ClinkaFILL for green roof construction?

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lady gardening atop a green house roof with clinkaFILL underneath

ClinkaFILL can be used as a growing layer (blended in to any kind of soil mix) to improve water retention and aeration. Different ClinkaFILL size gradings, as round or crushed material, are available to give the perfect conditions for a plant's roots.

ClinkaFILL can also be used as a durable insulating/drainage layer. Due to the optional grain sizes it is possible to design the correct drainage layer to correspond to different storm-water conditions.

ClinkaFILL is lightweight and very easy to install, either blown or manually, and easily adapts to sloped and/or complicated roof forms.

ClinkaFILL for green roofs is:

ClinkaFILL Types

ClinkaFiLL 2-10 crushed

ClinkaFILL 10-20

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