Why use clinkaFILL for green roof construction?

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lady gardening atop a green house roof with clinkaFILL underneath

ClinkaFILL can be used as a growing layer (blended in to any kind of soil mix) to improve water retention and aeration. Different ClinkaFILL size gradings, as round or crushed material, are available to give the perfect conditions for a plant's roots.

ClinkaFILL can also be used as a durable insulating/drainage layer. Due to the optional grain sizes it is possible to design the correct drainage layer to correspond to different storm-water conditions.

ClinkaFILL is lightweight and very easy to install, either blown or manually, and easily adapts to sloped and/or complicated roof forms.

ClinkaFILL for green roofs is:

  • Lightweight.
  • Permits air permeability.
  • Controlls water absorption.
  • Offers consistent void content.
  • Is easy to handle and apply.
  • Can be integrated with insulation.
  • Is deliverable in bulk.

ClinkaFILL Types

ClinkaPiLL 2-10 crushed

  • Used as a substrate or growing media.
  • use up to 50-80% with organic mix.
  • ~275kg/m3 dry +up to 55% water absortion.
  • extremely light and easy to use.
  • adds insulation to roof system.

ClinkaFILL 10-20

  • Used as a drainage/insulation layer.
  • Is easy to install in bulk.
  • R1.76 per 150mm thickness.
  • ~230kg/m3 dry, and up to 40% water absorption.
  • (coated version = 215kg/m3 and low absorption.)

More reasons to consider ClinkaFILL

  • ClinkaFILL does not contain organic materials or byproducts
  • It does not rot or deteriorate in time, even under extreme temperaure or humidity conditions.
  • It has a high resistance to acids and solvents.
  • It does not break down when subjected to freeze-thaw cycles.
  • ClinkaFILL does not contain, nor release silica, fibrous substances, Radon gas or other harmful materials, even in the event of a fire.
  • It is a natural and environmentally friendly product.