A 100% natural, lightweight, and insulating material made for smart building and civil construction projects.

Clinka provides the best of sustainable Scandinavian building technologies to the Australian building industry. Our products are made out of lightweight expanded clay aggregate and provide a range of progressive solutions for projects in need of:

  • Low-carbon debt
  • High Green Star & NatHERS ratings
  • Mold-resistant and chemical-free homes

And much more…

Closeup shot of ClinkaFILL clay aggregate
Clinka is made from a Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate.

Materials of the past are inefficient and wasteful

When it comes to building our future, the properties of many traditional construction materials fall short of what’s required to support the infrastructure of a sustainable Australia. The downsides of sticking with the past can include:

heat emitting from house

Heat Loss

Spaces often cost more to keep warm due to the poor insulative makeup of their walls.

Emissions icon of a factory


Can be unnecessarily high for products produced in a carbon-intensive manner.

Weight Kilogram


Unnecessary density means increased costs associated with transportation and logistics.

Non Robust

Non Robust

Damage from fire, frost, and chemicals can expose your structure to unnecessary risk.

Clinka solves these problems...naturally

Clinka provides a natural solution to these problems of the past and empowers Architects, Engineers, and Owner Builders with the materials to create a greener, smarter, and more efficient society.

Thermally Efficient

Thermally Efficient

Clinka provides excellent thermal insulation to support stable interior temperatures.



It is 100% natural, contains no harmful substances, and has very low carbon life-cycle emissions.



With only 15% of the density of traditional aggregates, transportation is safer and easier.



It’s non-biodegradable, non-combustible, and resistant to attacks from moisture, frost, and chemicals.

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Rainbow over the Hobart sustainability Learning Center
The Mt Nelson Sustainability Learning Centre features Clinka products and achieved an 85kgCO2w/year/m2, or a 99% reduction in overall carbon footprint as compared to Medium-Shed Commercial Office Benchmark (Tasmania). Photo: Jordan Davis